Henna videos

Welcome our 'Henna Videos' area of the website, where we'll have henna tutorials at your fingertips

Your henna circle

Welcome to your henna circle, where, in this monthly subscription, you'll be receiving a henna cone and a brand new reusable THB design through the post and a video here, on each step for creating that design.

All the henna love for the value price of £15.00 a month. When you sign up, you'll receive a welcome pack, with a gorgeous gift.
Every month, you'll get the opportunity to create new work in a mindful manner.


What's more, to show my appreciation of having you within my circle, as part of this subscription, you'll receive 10% off any booking, over £20. 

How to subscribe - click the video to pay monthly or

to get one month free, get in touch with us.

Advent calendar creations

Behind the scenes timelapse videos of the designs included in the advent calendars


Time-lapse henna videos and more


This is where you'll find the fun time-lapse videos of henna, interviews and bridal designs

These are fun to watch and check back for ideas. If you are part of the henna circle, you can use these designs to add to the ones you receive each month!

As always, if you use anything from here, please do credit us, and share your work with us, we love to see what you have created!

Henna crowns and maternity


This is where you'll find videos of henna crowns and maternity designs created by Tanya, the lead designer.


Just look at their joy! 

If this is something you'd like to book, please get in touch with us for more information and a bespoke service.