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The top festival henna designs for summer 2018

The festival season is now upon us, and we’re taking a look at what we think will be the most popular designs this year. Last year, we were inundated with paisleys, but one favourite keeps coming back: the mandala!

Mandala madness

Across the few events we’ve done already, the mandala has been the most popular design so far! Its beauty lies within the shape itself, as there’s no beginning or end, which makes it so appealing to the eye.

Mandalas are playful, and can be bold with defined fills, or soft and centred with petals. They can be incorporated into larger designs spanning the arm or hand, and look equally stunning on their own, on the shoulder or even the back.

The versatile nature of the circle means that the customer has the choice as to how they’d like the mandala to look. That could be in the middle of the hand, a half mandala to the side, or even a traditional version – having it filled in, with dots bordering it. The possibilities are endless.

Mandala with reverse fill technique in the centre and on the border, done on the wonderful fellow henna artist, Kiran Sahib

Here are some examples of mandalas we’ve been doing. As you’ll see, we love to mix it up, with a reverse fill centre in one, a bit of a Japanese Zentangle grid in another, and a layered version with petals.

Layered floral mandala

Mandala with Japanese Zentangle grid in the centre

Jewellery that won’t weigh you down

Jewellery-style henna is fast coming into fashion, influenced by American artist Prashanta from Divya Henna. She is the master of recreating jewels like pearls and diamonds in henna. As we keep saying, henna is the ultimate accessory for any outfit, so it makes sense to have it designed as jewellery too!

Endless camping events are taking place this summer, and it’s understandable that no one wants to lose anything precious – or have to carry their whole collection of necklaces and rings to the campsite. Henna offers an alternative that’s just as beautiful, can’t get lost, and won’t weigh you down as you dance!

Flowy chains, jewels on your hands, intricate detailing… what’s not to love?

Foot design with a jewel centrepiece and chains

Abstract diamond with chains leading to the finger

Stunning diamond and pearl detail done by leading henna artist Prashanta at Divya Henna in the US

Forget Coachella’s floral headbands…

The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and the landscape is awash with colours blooming through the flowers. Naturally, we love to reflect nature in what we wear – whether that’s on jewellery, through clothes prints, or in our hair – so why would it be different with henna?

We too have been inspired by nature, and have incorporated William Morris’s take on flora within our designs. The most popular flower has been the simple daisy, but many of our customers are choosing more leafy designs, sprinkled with a few tulips here and there.

Floral design combined with chains to look like a delicate anklet

Floral piece inspired by William Morris

Our haven of design - William Morris, who handprinted each of his pieces was known for his exquisite attention to detail, because you couldn't see where his repeat patttern began or ended!

What style will you go for this summer? Get in touch if you’d like to get your henna booked in before a festival or special occasion!

Would you like to learn how to do these designs? Well, there is still time to book onto a course in June. Check out our upcoming workshops on our website: https://www.thehennaboutique.co.uk/book-online.


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